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Our company enlarged its warehouse capacity in 2016 so we could expand our services in order to meet the needs of our partners and prospective customers more efficiently

We store the goods in a spacious enclosure with a proper load-capacity shelf system which can be moved by forklifts of different sizes. The whole system is provided with modern computer programs which enables reliable storage for our partners. An accurate and quick work process also assures dynamic movement of goods.

Our skilled and experienced warehouse staff operate on a 2-shift system working from 7am until 9pm so are at the disposal of our customers for most of the day.

Our goal is to carry out our work at the highest professional standard which is why we developed a special bespoke management program which helps our customers to have an access to accurate information of supply and makes the process of inventory easier.

Our staff take part in ongoing  systematic  training in order to maintain their theoretical and practical knowledge.

Due to the expansion of our warehouse we have enough space for storage of complete loads and for the parking of cars and trucks.

Our warehouse site is a closed territory and is provided with security guards, guard dogs and is monitored by a 24 hour CCTV system.