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Our vehicles transport mainly in Hungary and neighbouring countries (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) as well as Scandinavia ( Norway, Sweden and Finland)  Denmark and the Benelux countries ( Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

Our priority is the safe transportation of goods without delay.

The safety of the goods and our staff is guaranteed by an on-board

communication  terminal and a GPS based fleet tracking system.

The back office duties are provided by complex corporate governance software.

We use internet software systems developed specifically for our company which guarantees  an accurate database and quick forwarding, allowing a more flexible and effective service.

Organiser colleauges have excellent communication skills and are good at resolving any problems that may arise. They are flexible and effective in meeting our customers/partners requirements.

Sweden, Norway, Finland delivery manager:
Bori András: +36 20/472-0169
e-mail: bori.andras@ekytrans.hu

Denmark, Benelux delivery manager:
Boldizsár András: +36 20/886-8542
e-mail: andras.boldizsar@ekytrans.hu

Hungary and central Europe:
Csiszár Balázs : +36 30/905-0464
e-mail: balazs.csiszar@ekytrans.hu